Business Meeting


Elikya have unrivalled access to the DRC Presidents Office, Ministers, Governors and State owned Utility Company Directors.

Elikya does not use local brokers for contact, but we thrive upon our professional relationships whereby we can deliver value, speed and efficiency in promoting the requirements your organisation may have, regarding its interests in the Democratic Republic Congo.

Depending on the type of service you require, Elikya will utilise if required specialist Congolese industry consultants.

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Elikya Clientele

International Corporation

Construction, Mining, Agricultural, Forestry, Roads & Transport, Retail, Energy, Exploration, IT & Telecommunications, etc Elikya work with you on your investment goals, finding the most suitable project within either the Public or Private sector.

Elikya services are Taylor Made and depending on the nature of the project, its size, duration and involvement Elikya Commercial services can be rewarded on a negotiated contract fee or commission arrangement.

International Advisory Agency

Many large International Operators utilise the services of Specialist International Advisory Companies, in such cases these Advisory Companies partner with local Advisory / Consultancy Companies such as Elikya.

If your Company is seeking local Consultancy Representation, or Local Consultancy Services, then Elikya can accommodate via the huge Specialist DRC Local Consultant data base we work with.

Foreign Office Department

Elikya engages directly with the decision makers within the business, political and media spheres of the Democratic Republic Congo
Elikya can assist Foreign Office Departments and International Corporations develop strategic planning and engagement  which are compatible with the current DRC Government, resulting in opinion making engagement.
Elikya can facilitate the highest level contact for your organisation, regarding geo-political, trade and investment and foreign policy.

International NGO

Elikya identifies credible projects of interest for your organisation, for International NGO or Civil Society Groups, Foreign AID & Development.
Identifying the right local NGO and local corporate partnership can be challenging , Elikya directly engages the relevant Government Departments, Decision Makers, for your organisation whereby your organisations activities can make a real impact sustainably and as smoothly as possible.