About Our Foundation

Action pour la Solidarité et le Développement known as ASODEV.

Founded in the early 2,000 by a group of doctors and nurses, dedicating their time and own resources in assisting the most vulnerable communities within the Équateur Province, of the Democratic Republic Congo.

The dedication of our founding members, has enabled ASODEV over a 20 year period of time for ASODEV to progress from a regional office under the guidance of our head office based in Kinshasa to work alongside organisations as such with Caritas International, Shelter Afrique and several large International AID and Relief agencies.

ASODEV’s core strength is its in-depth working relationship via our organisational structure with the most deprived and vulnerable communities especially within, but not limited to the Équateur Region.

ASODEV has at its disposal multi-disciplinary experts including doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, who have unrivalled experience within the DRC’s humanitarian sectors such as humanitarian assistance, social programs for the vulnerable and destitute ( Children, Orphans, Mothers, Prisoners ) supply of medical drugs and training.

ASODEV strives upon citizen empowerment through our management for monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction in providing the support in strengthening the means of action in the local communities, regarding the identification of problems, formulation of projects, management and execution of the identified projects.

ASODEV warmly extends its open reach to all International NGO’s, AID Agencies, Civil Society Organisations who share our common goal in assisting with the alleviation of the most vulnerable in our communities, whereby we can deliver hope and empowerment together for all.

Thank you

L'abbé Oswald Bagaza




Elikya works tirelessly to provide quality, long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting communities within the DRC, Elikya have partnered in the promotion of ASODEV a leading DRC NGO, the most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against Indifference, Poverty, and we would love for you to become part of that change today, in helping alleviate the lives of the most vulnerable within the Democratic Republic Congo

Disease Infection, Outbreak Intervention & Control

  • Assisting International NGO & Relief Agencies in  Disease / Outbreak in Intervention, Planning, Coordination, Central & Local Government liaison, Community Leaders Liaison, Affected or Target Community Education, Advisory, Deliverance


Social Housing

ASODEV have a proven record in working with International organisations such as Shelter Afrique, CIOA (Fr) should your organisation wish to participate in Social Housing projects within the Democratic Republic Congo, we are able to Identify Central or Provincial Government Social housing projects of interest and those projects that have been clearly identified by the relevant authorities, and also reach out into the private sector regarding assisting your organisation achieve its goals.

ASODEV are able to assist in the project management, construction, logistical management, political & community liaison, in either a representative or partnership arrangement with your organisation.


Fighting Poverty

One of our main causes here is Fighting Poverty, an issue that touches so many lives, we all know Poverty has no boundaries, the DRC is no exception to extreme cases on a nationwide level.

Elikya & ASODEV extend a warm invitation to International NGO’s, AID Agencies, Relief Agencies, Civil Society Organisations, regarding open ideas, how your organisation which desires to get involved in either community based Economic Development Projects, Health, Education, Vital Community Infrastructure, Foreign Government AID projects etc.

Got an idea, want to get involved, or require a strong local partnership to help achieve your organisations objectives, from grass route community level, district level, provincial level, central government level, with our open mindedness and ability to listen to what your organisation requires, we can formulate the best entry point into the DRC for your organisations desires in order to help achieve your objectives and successfully deliver your services or project.


ASODEV - City of Cardinal Etsou Peace

Action for Solidarity and Development (ASODEV) launched the construction of 3,080 social housing units and 47 basic social infrastructures in the commune of Kimbasenke, in Kinshasa. The project called "A Roof For All" was successfully carried out about ten km from Lumumba Boulevard, at the entrance to Ndjoku Avenue, towards the Mikondo district, in the new "City of Cardinal Etsou Peace".

Construction work on the main avenue of the Cité de la paix was launched in the presence of representatives of the Congolese government, ASODEV, and engineers from the Bureau of Studies, Development and Urbanization (Beau ).

Six types of Social housing were made available

- Two bedrooms and a single living room

- Three bedrooms and a single living room

- Three middle-class bedrooms and living rooms

- Four bedrooms and a middle class lounge

- Three bedrooms and a double living room, plus a garage

- Four bedrooms with a double living room, plus a garage

Procurement for the houses was made available via a simple and well received structured procedure, by first a deposit was secured by the house buyer for building plot, whereby construction was provided upto foundation level.

Repayments of total costs were spread over 10-15 years over monthly payments, finance was provided by the Pan African Housing institution Shelter Afrique with the support from the International Centre For Business Opportunities ( CIOA) of France.